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Support your favorite artists, directly and regularly  •   Access their music   •   Help them create new music   •   From just $1 a month

Did you know?

Your favorite musicians are getting paid PEANUTS for the music they share on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes or YouTube. 

We are talking about rates like $0.0032 and $0.0056 per play. We even calculated it. It would take a single artist about 392,708 plays on Spotify to make a monthly minimum US wage. That's over a MILLION monthly plays to feed a band of 4 people.

The vast majority of artists, regardless of how talented and creative they are, reach nowhere even near such numbers. Even if it sometimes seems like they have a lot of followers on social media, most musicians are very far from making a living from their recorded music. 

To make things even worse, until Spring 2020 many musicians counted on live concerts as their main source of income. Covid-19 has put an end to that. Live shows are no longer a reliable financial source for artists. This is how unfair and exploitative the music industry in 2020 is to musicians. 

As fans who love music, we think that this situation is completely wrong. We want to support our favorite artists for their great music and help them keep creating it.

With MusoMind this is so easy. You can support any of your favorite artist at the rate you can afford - even $1 a month! This would mean a lot for the artists, knowing that their music is generating them a steady income and that their fans are truly supporting them, directly and regularly.

Sign up as a fan and support your favorite musicians!

How does MusoMind icon bright MusoMind work?

It's very easy! In MusoMind you support your favorite artists on a monthly basis at any amount you choose and access their present and future releases right here.

Support your favorite artist in just a few simple steps:

Visit artist profile  ▸  Click "Support this Artist"  ▸  Choose your support amount  ▸  Confirm

To make sure the artist receives the amount you choose to support with, we charge platform fees, taxes and payment processor fees on top of the support amount.

For example, for a monthly support of $1.00, we will charge your account with $1.39 each month ($0.22 of which goes to the payment processor, e.g. PayPal). No hidden charges - all details will be presented to you before you confirm your support.

You can always stop or change your support from your fan dashboard.

More about MusoMind icon bright MusoMind

Here are the most common questions we're getting about MusoMind. For any others you're welcome to contact us.



Why should I support music?

Many reasons, among which:

  • Music sales are largely gone.
  • Streaming platforms pay artists next to nothing for their music.
  • Covid-19 made live shows an unreliable income source for artists.
  • The fans are all that the artists really got.
  • You give back to your favorite artists for creating the music you love.
  • You show your favorite artists your true appreciation of their music.
  • You help them create new music.
  • It's the right thing to do.

What do I get in exchange for my support?

At MusoMind we believe that the music is really all that we as fans need. Unlike the major streaming platforms, we offer a fair model in which you support the artist with very affordable amounts and in exchange access both their present and future releases.

We also encourage artists to stay in touch with their supporting fans and send them a personal Thank you message, to show their appreciation and gratitude for their support.

If I can get the music for free, why should I pay for it?

In MusoMind you're not paying for the music, you're supporting the artist who created it. Musicians and bands who dedicate their talent, passion and hard work to make you happy certainly deserve your support.

Isn't MusoMind really about charity?

We don't think of it that way. It would be charity if we as supporting fans didn't get anything in return, but we already did - we basically have access to all of the music that the artist ever created and will create, anytime, anywhere within the click of a button. In the free music era, supporting music is very different from making a donation.



Why monthly support?

Because the artists need to know that they have a steady fan community and need a sense of continuity in their careers. The more they have that, the more they can commit to making the best music they can.

The artists I like are established. Do they really need my support?

If they created a MusoMind profile, they do. Many bands and musicians nowadays are struggling financially. Even if they are famous, have a lot of followers on social media or used to make a good living out of their music, that doesn't always mean they are making a lot of money out of it anymore. Sad but true.

What do you do with the money?

We are splitting the payments so that the artist is getting the support amount you've set. The other part which is charged on top is made of our platform fee, taxes and transaction processing fee. There are no surprises and no hidden fees - all charges will be clearly presented to you before you confirm your support.

Can I stop or change a support I made?

Yes, you can always stop or change a support from your fan dashboard.