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MusoMind / Brand Guidelines

Thanks for using MusoMind! Here you'll find our brand assets and the guidelines, do's and don'ts of how to use them.

MusoMind welcomes and encourages artists, fans and generally music lovers to use our name, logo, tagline and brand icon to announce and celebrate their relationship with our brand and attract people to their MusoMind profile.

However, if you share any of our brand assets you need to make sure you do it in way that complies with our brand guidelines that we set out here. If anything is unclear or you have any questions please contact us before using the assets.

By using these assets and resources, you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Our Logo

Our logo incorporates our brand icon, brand name and may come with or without our tagline. It comes in two flavors: Dark Rose and Light Rose, both represent passion, trust and love - the ones we have for music, its makers and its listeners.

The Dark Rose logo variation should be used over light backgrounds.

With our tagline:

The Light Rose logo variation should be used over dark backgrounds:

With our tagline:

Our Icon

In cases where the MusoMind brand has already been established we can simply use the icon on its own. While the icon can be used separately from the wordmark, the wordmark should never be used separately from the icon.


  • Use our Dark Rose logo and icon over light backgrounds and our Light Rose logo and icon over dark backgrounds.
  • Maintain an exclusion zone: Always use a margin zone around the logo and icons which equals to half the height of the icon.
  • Minimum logo size: Establish a minimum size with at least 70px in digital or 20mm in print
  • Minimum icon size: Establish a minimum icon size of 21px in digital or 6mm in print


  • Don't try to recreate your own version of the logo
  • Don't use the wordmark separately from the icon
  • Don't change the colors
  • Don't change the layout or spacing between the elements
  • Don't change the wordmark's font
  • Don't change the spacing between the letters
  • Don't outline, apply gradients, use drop shadow or other effects
  • Don't change the opacity
  • Don't stretch, warp, skew or distort the logo
  • Don't rotate the logo or icon 

Our colors

■ R255 G094 B094 / C00 M63 Y63 K00 / HEX #FF5E5e

■ R242 G242 B242 / C00 M00 Y00 K05 / HEX #F2F2F2

■ R187 G065 B065 / C00 M65 Y65 K27 / HEX #bb4141

■ R047 G047 B047 / C00 M00 Y00 K82 / HEX #2F2F2F

Effective date: August 10th, 2020