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Create your artist profile   •   Get supported by your fans, directly and regularly   •   No special rewards or extra content required   •   Your music is all your fans need

Imagine if you could be financially supported by your fans, directly and on a regular basis, purely for your music. This is MusoMind in a nutshell.

Let’s face it. The chances for musicians today to make money from their music are incredibly slim.

Ever since Covid-19 live gigs are no longer a reliable source of income. With streaming platforms paying amounts like $0.0038 and $0.0045 per play, or by selling your music for a single-time $8, it becomes nearly impossible to even return your expenses, not to mention make a living.

You could go the crowdfunding way, but you’ll still have to produce all sorts of special rewards, extra perks and exclusive content, as if the music in itself wasn’t enough.

We say: Your music has value, as-is. Your true fans think so too. They enjoy all the extra stuff on your social media, but they want to support you for your music.

This is where MusoMind comes in. It is made to let your fans support you directly and regularly, on a monthly basis, only for your music and nothing else. No special rewards or exclusive content are needed. Your music is all we need here.

How does MusoMind work?

We have built MusoMind with maximal ease and clarity in mind, so that anyone will find it super simple to use.

  • Sign-up to create your MusoMind artist profile.
  • Invite all your fans to support you.
  • Your fans can choose their monthly support amount – anything between $1 and $999!
  • Once your payout threshold is reached ($25 minimum), we will transfer the balance to your chosen payout mean.

Support amounts are added to your balance in 100%. We do not take any fees from you, they are charged on top. For instance, for a monthly support of $1.00, we will charge the fan $1.39 – $0.15 platform fees, $0.02 VAT and $0.22 goes to the payment processor, like PayPal. Simple, fair and transparent.

MusoMind vs other platforms

While there are different ways to make money from your music, MusoMind's model is by far the most profitable and cost-effective for most artists, especially in the medium and longer term because of two main reasons: Fan supports are recurring (monthly) and artists are not required to provide any special rewards or extra content - just the music. 

Here's a quick comparison between the most common options for artists to monetize their music:

MusoMind vs.
Music streaming
Album crowdfunding
Recurring crowdfunding (Patreon)
Very low
Focus on
Requires extra content
Ongoing fan relationship

Getting started - Invite your first fans

Everyone has fans! Even if you're not yet an established act with thousands of fans all over the world, your very first fans are: Your family and your friends. You might also have a few super fans, people who really dig your music and follow you closely. They will very likely be the first to support you at very affordable amounts and your artist profile will already look pretty good, having a couple of dozens of genuine fans.



In this quick tutorial we are going to give you a few ideas and tips how to get started about bringing your fans in. You want to engage your fans to support you, but never spam by repeating invites or by messaging random strangers. 

Some fans might support you immediately, while others not and that's perfectly natural. Even if they love your music, most fans might take more than one visit to start supporting - so be persistent, don't get discouraged and keep the focus on the bigger picture.  

Above all, have patience. Creating a brand and engaging people is always a long term process. When it's steady enough, coupled with great music and other engaging content, your followers will be more likely to visit your MusoMind profile and eventually become real supporting fans.

FIRST STEP: Write your closest fans an email or message them via direct messaging.

Keep it short and to the point, but most importantly, make it inspiring and motivating. If using direct messaging you'd want to keep it even shorter and develop it as a genuine personal conversation, rather than a "marketing talk". You can even create a personalized video invitation - wouldn't that be something!

Here is our very non-binding suggestion, so please don't copy and paste it as is. Rather use it as a general guide, customize it to your own story, make it personal and make it count. You might even want to write each of your close fans a separate individual message. After all those are your super fans, your strongest and closest supporters.


Subject: Support my music on MusoMind

Hi <name>,

I want to invite you to support my music on MusoMind. It's a platform that lets people support their favorite musicians directly and on a regular basis with very affordable amounts - even $1 a month! 

Your support will allow me to keep creating and releasing my music, focusing on creativity and quality. While music streaming services like Youtube and Spotify are paying artists extremely low fees for their music and with Covid-19 making live gigs an unreliable income source, MusoMind is a great way for artists like me to keep going and for my fans to show their appreciation and take a genuine part in my musical life.

MusoMind is not about charity. It is about a new cultural contract between artists and fans, based on mutual trust and love of music.

You can visit my MusoMind profile at - Enter your MusoMind ARTIST profile URL here, e.g.

Your support is very much appreciated!




Once some of your closest fans are already supporting you, it may be a good time to take the next step and announce your MusoMind profile to the world.

Create an engaging post, preferably a video, on each of your active social media pages, both private and public profiles as well as your newsletter.

Remember that although it may be less direct or personalized, you still have to make it so that your fans and followers would want to support you.

Perhaps show your intended post to a few trusted fans before posting it.


Building a genuine fan base is never a one-off thing. You'll want to do this repeatedly. But you can't send invitation emails more than once or twice, or you'll bore your fans rather than entertain them and might even become spammy. That is why your best strategy is inclusion within your content. Here are a few ideas how to do this:

  • Add your MusoMind profile URL and brand logos to your website, social media banners and even your profile photos. This will make sure people see it very often. Add a short, engaging text to the caption and add the link to your MusoMind profile.
  • In your social media posts, add a Call To Action at the bottom: “Support my music on MusoMind” with your profile's URL. 
  • Add the Call To Action to your newsletters.
  • Did you create a new music video? Maybe one of those 60-seconds Instagram clips? Why not adding a nice short end screen with a support Call To Action and your profile's URL?
  • Run an ad campaign to your current social media followers to increase your reach. We recommend to do this only if you already have a solid followers base who know you and your music.

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