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The Passion Economy of Music

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MusoMind Benefits

Make a living from your music

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A Music Support Culture

We believe that your music has value, as-is. So do your real fans.

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Make a living from your music

Fans subscribe to you directly, at any rate they choose, from $1 a month.

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Music Streaming That Pays

Average fan subscription is >$5/Mo. Much better than $0.0038 per play, no?

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Subscriptions over sales

Even $1/mo will rather soon make more than a one time $8 album sale!

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You get to keep It all

Keep 100% of your earnings. Our fees are charged on top.

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No extra perks required

It's all about the music. You don't need to create anything else.

Embed your social media

No exclusive content either - Share your social feeds on your profile.

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Fan Contact Details

Subscribed fans can also opt-in to join your mailing list.

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Fan Locations

Fans may also share their location with you. Great for touring!

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For Covid Times & Beyond

A solution that fits the reality of music in the gigless age.

  Get Started - Invite your fans

Turn your Likes into Subscriptions

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We give you the tools

And know-hows to turn your followers into real fans.

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Everyone has fans!

Just starting out? We'll also show you how to attract your first fans.

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The Best Landing Page

Is the page that gives your fans the chance to subscribe to your music.