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At MusoMind, we believe that in an age where musicians and bands are getting paid next to nothing for their music, they should be directly supported by their fans.

We as genuine music fans understand how important it is for artists to be able to make a living from their music. We support our favorite musicians regularly, for even $1 a month, to truly show our appreciation of their music and help them create more of it, Covid-19 or not!

Why support music?

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Artists on MusoMind are supported by their fans directly, regularly and for their music only. No extra perks, rewards or exclusive content are needed. All we want is your music.

As recorded music is no longer a reliable source of income and with Covid-19 killing off live gigs, it's time to form a new culture, a new contract between musicians and their fans based on mutual trust and love of music. You bring in your talent, vision, passion and hard work - your fans bring in their support.

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